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Slashdot is always more fun, if less informative, if you read with your threshold set low. A sampling ("Comments are owned by the Poster" and yadda yadda yadda, this is Slashdot and all of these were from Anonymous Cowards):

Lets say mainland China did make Linux the official OS, how is that different from ESR's using Linux as a symbol for his own political movement (libertarianism, which is a separate political movement UNRELATED TO the OPEN SOURCE movement)?

Slashdot puts $$$ into Bill Gates pocket!
Well, well.... things have changed since the corporate sell-out!!!

By the end of the Roman Empire, many changes had occured in the spoken Latin that further seperated it from Classical Latin and moved it closer to the present-day Romance languages.
For one, the six cases of the Latin noun had dwindled to three, leaving only the nominative, accusative and ablative. The vocative, used only in the second declension anyway, fell out of use, as did the genitive and dative. The dative had been absorbed by the ablative, as the two differed only in the singular, and even then was sometimes identical. A seperate dative form then completely disappeared when the accusative with ad replaced it as an indirect object. By this time, the genitive had been forgotten
Secondly, the declensions themselves were shrinking. The tiny fifth declension took on the first declension's endings, and the second and fourth declensions merged, to form one -us declension.
Through both the case and declensional decay, the Latin noun-system was well into becoming the non-declinable, two-gender noun-system of the Neo-Romance languages.
Lastly, and most interestingly, was the decay of the Latin demonstrative ille. At first meaning that, the demonstrative's use eventually sharpened into cognate with our the. The spelling also shrank to match, thus forming the definite articles such as il, la and el we see today (remember also illa) in languages like Spanish, Portugese, Italian and French. At the same time, since the Latin verb could not indicate the subject's gender, the same demonstrative was used to specify who or what was being talked a
Hopefully this article showed how Latin is alive in the modern Romance languages.

I'm glad Robert Malda went to Hope College and learned the finer aspects of math. Hope College is filled with Christian Nazis that value religion over science. Let's all thank Robert Malda for going to Hope College and learning that math really doesn't count!

i had recently attained the 6.2 versoin of the redhat operating system. i will now attaint the 7.0 version.

my questions is:

1) i notice that i have sendmail running. does this mean that i can now send emails to pepole?
2) i notice that i have apache running. from what i understand, this is a web server. does ths mean i can start doing e commerce and b-to-b stuff? i hear that is where the money is
3) i notice that i have bash running. friends of mine think it is what is popularly known as a shell. does this mean that there is something beneath it? how do i get there?
thanks. i am pretty happy with my redhat operatin system.

the scream echoed in rod blaze's mind over and over as he dug his sharpened razor like claws into his own flesh and let his blood seep out into the snow that lay around his battered body. he had tortured his body even as his own mind replayed the morose events of that past affair. in an orgasmic eruption he had ripped out an unfathomably large piece of sol's right side. the red fluid had poured onto his face until he awoke from his trance like state and had ripped off the newage material that had seperat ed their bodies. as rod blaze's body tore on its own accord, sol had regained some vitality. shortly afterwards rod blaze had left for canada to search out his own identity. lying in the snow, he searched his soul.
rod blaze: on this trip of identification, that which i seek to regain, have i thus lost what was right - this teen of body and mind yet ladylike and graceful - whom i have torn of flesh and tortured of mind? my sol, whose teenness so close to np - alas she is not mine to adore - i have found her irresistible - yet in my passion, i may have destroyed her.
sol had recovered, rod blaze had been the worse after his regenerative powers had been passed on to her, but he could not shake the undeniable truth - he had come a hair's width away from ripping the soul away from sol's body.
sol: rod blaze is that you? i have followed you from RMS's school for gifted and cute teens to find you, as i do love you and your wicked delights.
rod blaze: oh sol! how i have should have completed my transgressions against my own body of nature, you whom i have only shamefully admitted to love - shamefully yes - for our ages might very well be in difference - and you are a teen of body and mind, ladylike yes, but pouting teen of breast and pouting teen of lips - that which i do pursue.

My Conclusions:
Terrified by VA Linux's falling stock price, Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda begins paying the trolls (who are congregating on a "secret" troll sid) to fire up Slashdot readers and inspire more banner hits and posts. Malda occasionally posts in the troll forum to check up on how the trolls are doing.
However, that plan begins to. As a result, Malda sets up the SlashDotShop and, using a secret backdoor in the Slash code, begins taking over high-karma accounts (such as Signal 11 and Enoch Root) and auctions them off to -- a true karma mafia.
Malda comes up with one last, desperate plan. He recruits the trolls to launch a DDoS attack on Slashdot's chief competitor, They succeed; Malda then issues a statement in "support" of kuro5hin to prove his innocence. One of the trolls, ZikZak, refused to go along with the DDoS plans, believing that Malda had carried his greed too far. He ends up being kicked off the troll mailing list, and in response threatens to use his knowledge of the Slashcode backdoors (which he learned about from Ma

The Cathedral has nothing to fear.