Say it with me: ewwwww

Sometimes I get obsessed by particular gross things I could do to myself, but fortunately don't. All today, I kept on thinking about putting a quarter in my mouth and flipping it over and then eventually choking on it. Don't ask me why. It was just there, poking around in my head and fluffing the pillows. Last month, it was a similar deal with a dime and my nose. Let me state, for the record, that I have utterly no intention of sticking coinage in any of my orifices. Perhaps it's the revulsion I feel that makes me dwell on these ideas. Back in elementary school, I went through a phase when I was afraid to color with crayons. Why? Because they had bright colors, which reminded me of fruit, but if I tried to actually eat the crayon, it would be disgusting. So every time I looked at a crayon, I'd get this waxy taste in my mouth. This actually escalated to the point of being a serious hassle, and one of my teachers had to do the whole authority figure thing to force me to start coloring with crayons again -- I was trying to do absolutely everything in pencil (in fact, with the same oversize pencil, which I had found in a desk at some point earlier in the year and become strangely attached to). Yeah. Weird.