So That’s Where the Word Comes From

Every now and then for the last few years the word "interiority" has drifted through my head. It has a certain allusive resonance, seems to be always on the verge of meaning something deep and profound. I could never really pin down that meaning more specifically, but I found myself thinking "interiority" at unpredictable intervals. The usual pattern was that I'd be going along with my day and would space out for a bit, fall out of my plane of thought, as it were. And then "interiority" would come to the rescue, play the part of mental parachute, and help me drift gradually back towards reality. Well, today I finally figured out where it was that I got the word. It's the name of the start-up from Douglas Coupland's microserfs. I've been carrying around bits and pieces of that novel for a while, and like to occasionally quote from it, but apparently its influence goes deeper than I realized.