TPM: How The Obama Camp Should Respond
Once again, Josh Marshall is politically astute; their best weapon against Sarah Palin is Hillary Clinton.

John Kerry, Bad-Ass Biker
“But man…O’ man…John Kerry descended like he stole the friggin’ bike from the GOP.”

danah on Palin
“As a woman, I’m offended by John McCain’s decision to select Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.”

Deliciously Invasive
Debs’s blackberry stories (and blackberry pie recipe) make Mark Bittman’s NYT blog!

Robert Dunne, Was 59

John McCain Doesn’t Know How Many Houses He Owns
“I think—I’ll have my staff get to you … It’s condominiums where—I’ll have them get to you.”

America’s Next Vice
The Medium Lobster is now writing for the Guardian?

danah on Knol: “content w/out context, collaboration, capital, or coruscation”
See also Doc; Knol is a community site without community.

Vimeo Commits Suicide
Insulting and expelling their biggest users in a Friendster-esque move.

Always Use Zipcode
Experimental postal hacking.

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